What to look out for on the Meadow

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The Bishop’s Meadow contains a huge diversity of wild flowers and grasses of the species which normally grow on areas of rough grassland.  A survey of existing plants, grasses and other vegetation was undertaken in 2012 by the Surrey Wildlife Trust (on request from the Bishop’s Meadow Trust).  The survey identified17 species which are considered of local importance in grasslands.  Some of these are shown below:

Sweet vernal grass –Anthoxanthum odoratum

Meadowsweet –Filipendula ulmaria

Pepper saxifrage –Silaum silaus

Meadow vetchling –Lathyrus pratensis

   Oxeye daisy –Leucanthemum vulgare

To help you identify other wildflowers and grasses on the Meadow, please follow these links

Reeds_Riverplants_white Flowers_Grasses_white

As well as providing information to the Bishop’s Meadow Trust about what the Meadow contained in 2012, the survey made recommendations about how to improve the bio-diversity of the land. 

Future surveys will inform the BMT as to whether its land management practices have been successful.


The BMT would like to say a big thank you to the Surrey Wildlife Trust for undertaking this survey on the Bishop’s Meadow.  

The full REPORT and MAP can be downloaded here.


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